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Elbow arresters

Eaton’s Cooper Power series elbow arresters provide shielded deadfront arrester protection with metal oxide varistor elbow and parking stand arresters used in pad-mounted, transformer and entry cabinets, vaults, switching enclosures and other installations. 

Direct Connect 600 amp
50% reduced footprint
Extends cable life
Improved reliability
Overvoltage limitation
Equipment protection

Core features

  • The rubber body is constructed of high-quality precision-molded peroxidecured EPDM insulation and semi-conductive materials
  • The copper alloy probe and probe retainer are connected to the MOV block stack via welded flexible tin-plated copper leads. This ensures that the column cannot be damaged during installation and that a reliable current path to the MOV blocks is maintained
  • The disk column is composed of MOV disks bonded together with high-conductivity, silver-loaded epoxy to yield the most reliable electrical connection and eliminate air voids
  • The #4 AWG flexible copper ground lead, which reliably carries current to ground during voltage surges, is attached to the housing by a brass magneformed end cap
  • The brass end cap provides a tight, weatherproof seal

Engineered to withstand harsh extremes

The POSI-BREAK M.O.V.E. surge arrester combines metal (zinc) oxide varistor technology in a pre-molded rubber elbow to provide overvoltage system protection in an insulated, fully shielded, submersible, deadfront device

Protection for improved system reliability

Elbow arresters are designed for use with standard interfaces to limit overvoltages to acceptable levels, protect equipment and extend cable life.

Reduced size and installation time

Eaton's Cooper Power series 600 A DirectConnect elbow arresters offer a cost-effective design with a shorter stacking height while reducing overall size 50 percent compared to traditional offerings and installation time by 80 percent.