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Metal-enclosed capacitor banks

Eaton's comprehensive Cooper Power series metal-enclosed capacitor bank portfolio provides a compact and environmentally friendly solution. Designs can be tailored to meet customer application needs. Capacitor bank usage reduces system losses and CO2 emissions and improves power quality, efficiency, safety and reliability. 

Ease of maintenance
Low profile and easily accessible
Improved reliability
Enclosure protects against environment and animals
Fully assembled, completely self-contained and tested
Streamlined installation

Core features

  • Pre-assembled and ready to be installed, resulting in substantial labour savings over an open-style capacitor bank
  • Only requires one connection to the power system
  • Livefront and deadfront enclosures available
  • Current-limiting fuses to provide maximum safety in the event of a component failure
  • Easy relocation for short-term projects (suitable for indoor, outdoor and underground installations)
  • Enclosure provides a barrier, making the system less susceptible to animal- and pollution-related outages
  • Can be painted to blend into surrounding environment

Harsh environments

Eaton’s Cooper Power series metal-enclosed capacitor bank is designed and tested to operate effectively in the harshest of environments. The tamper-resistant enclosure is a self-supporting structure manufactured from mild steel (aluminium & stainless steel optional). The design minimises animal related outages and provides protection to the public while meeting the enclosure security requirements of IEEE Std C57.12.28. The robust nature of this design has been tested against the toughest conditions, including IEEE Std C57.12.28 and IEEE Std C57.12.29 standards, ASTM B1117 1000-hour 5% salt spray corrosion test, ASTM D2247 1000-hour humidity test, ASTM G53 500-hour ultraviolet accelerated weathering test and ASTM D2794 impact test.

Less intrusive design

Eaton’s Cooper Power series metal-enclosed capacitor banks offer a variety of benefits when compared to traditional bank solutions. These designs are less intrusive and offer a profile reduction over open-air banks. This totally enclosed solution eliminates the need for external fencing and external vertical and horizontal clearance requirements. Eaton’s metal-enclosed banks allow for quick power connection and are easy to relocate, so they can be installed for short-term projects and then redeployed as customer needs require.

Customised to meet specific applications

Eaton's Cooper Power series metal-enclosed capacitor banks are true engineered-to-order products, customised to meet specific applications. These banks are available in single-step and multi-step formats, with a full range of accessories that can easily be incorporated into the system solution. Features include protection and control equipment, instrument transformers, control power transformers, isolating and grounding switches, switching devices/circuit breakers, interlocks, surge arresters, reactors, fusing (externally or internally fused), discharge coils, temperature and condensation control equipment and fire protection.