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PEAK single-phase overhead transformer

Eaton’s Cooper Power series single-phase overhead PEAK transformers provide the capability to manage increased loads and temporary overload conditions without accelerating loss of insulation system life, compared to mineral oil-filled alternatives. The transformers’ overload capacity enables utilities to operate beyond full-rated load to at least 109%, while their smaller, lighter footprint further enhances value.

Voltage class
5-167 kVA
Average winding rise (AWR)
75˚ C
AWR slash ratings
55/75 °C and 65/75 °C

Core features

  • PEAK transformers are designed to improve performance with longer insulation life and offer compact dimensions, lighter weight, safety and sustainability
  • Superior moisture and thermal stress managing capabilities allow for extended insulation system life and enhanced reliability
  • Uses an advanced high-temperature insulation system comprised of thermally upgraded kraft paper, Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid and an optimised core and coil design
  • Available in 5-167 kVA single-phase pole-mount designs; 75 °C AWR and 65/75 °C AWR options
  • 75 °C Average Winding Rise (AWR) of PEAK transformer offers the same ratings as a physically larger and heavier 65 °C AWR rated unit
  • A 65/75 °C slash rated PEAK transformer is comparable in size to a conventional transformer, but has nameplated overload capability
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards including ANSI, NEMA and DOE energy efficiency standards
  • Available in conventional or CSP designs for various overcurrent protection options

Better manage temporary overload capacity

PEAK single-phase transformers can be loaded continuously 9% beyond full-rated base load, helping utilities to more precisely size transformers based on periods of peak demand – without accelerated reduction of insulation life.

Gain additional load capacity

Designed to accommodate heavier base loading for longer periods without accelerating loss of insulation system life, PEAK single-phase transformers can be loaded continuously 9% beyond full rated base load.

Improve reliability

With superior moisture and thermal stress managing capabilities, PEAK transformers extend insulation system life, improving overall system reliability by reducing outages and transformer failures.