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Pole-mounted capacitor banks

Eaton's Cooper Power series comprehensive pole-mounted capacitor bank solutions can be tailored to meet customer application needs. This customised bank package offers overall system improvements such as improved power factor, system capacity release, loss reduction, voltage stability, improved power flow and cost savings.

Meets application needs
Harsh coastal environment application
Safe and easy installation
Free-standing frame, compact design

Core features

  • Lightweight, high strength aluminium alloy frame (galvanised steel available upon request)
  • Scalable packaged solution for mounting 3–12 capacitor units
  • Offered in both fixed or switched configurations, available with vacuum and oil-insulated switches
  • Wildlife protection provided on all energised terminals and conductors
  • Controller and control strategy available, including zero voltage closing capabilities
  • Bank frames provided with tin-plated parallel groove connectors to provide bank ground connection point
  • Free-standing bank frames include integral lifting provision to support weight distribution during installation

Adaptable solutions to meet application needs

Systems can be designed to utilise a variety of unit solutions. Bank configurations are available in 3, 6, 9 and 12 unit packages, using Eaton’s standard-duty (SD), heavy-duty (HD) and extreme-duty (XD) capacitor units, ranging from 50-600 kvar ratings per unit installed. Banks come completely pre-assembled and tested from the factory. Systems are available in switched or fixed configurations, and in grounded-wye, ungrounded-wye and delta connections.

Full selection of optional features

Depending on specific application needs, pole-mounted banks are available with a full range of accessories that can easily be incorporated into the system solution. This range includes optional switches (vacuum and oil), controls, power transformers, junction boxes, surge arresters, sensors (line post and neutral), fuse cutouts, fuse links, cable connectors and reactors. All banks come pre-wired, factory assembled and tested to reduce installation time and expedite energisation.