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Power Xpert UX 36

Power Xpert UX 36 provides reliable power distribution up to 2500A and 31.5kA. The switchgear is rated LSC2B, the highest attainable level for loss of service continuity. Maintenance can be performed safely without powering down, which maximizes uptime. The Power Xpert UX 36 modular design is fully scalable with standard VCB ratings of 1250A and 2500A at 36kV. The system's SF₆-free technology allows for minimal environmental impact and total cost of ownership.

Rated voltage
up to 36 kV
Rated current
up to 2500 A
Rated short circuit level
up to 31.5 kA - 3s

Core features

Easy to use and safe to operate

  • Fully 3rd party type tested by CESI
  • Reliable in harsh operating conditions
  • Robust personnel and system protection
  • Fully insulated system maximizes uptime
  • Internal arc classification IAC AFLR


Efficient and flexible design

  • Broad range of configurations available ensuring maximum flexibility
  • Easy to install and commission

A versatile switchgear system

Applications for power distribution can vary widely. Power Xpert UX 36 features modular construction and is custom built to your project parameters. It can be tailored to meet your performance, reliability and safety requirements.

In areas of the world prone to earthquake activity, the seismic tested system allows for the highest chance of continuity of electrical power during a seismic event.

Power Xpert UX 36 is a proven, global solution for applications such as utility substations, industrial infrastructure as well as the mining and oil and gas industries.

Watch the video below and learn how our leading technologies fit together to make what matters work.

Power Xpert UX 36 close up switches
Power Xpert UX36 close up cables compartment

SF₆-free switchgear is in our DNA

Power Xpert UX 36 uses vacuum technology instead of SF₆. This eliminates the risk of leakage and minimizes maintenance costs as well as expensive end-of-life disposal procedures due to all materials being re-usable or recyclable. Eaton has been pioneering SF₆-free medium voltage systems for more than 60 years, with over a million SF₆-free switchgear panels installed across the globe.
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