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Ulusoy HMH

Ulusoy HMH Series medium voltage switchgears are designed for use in secondary distribution systems up to 36 kV, in compact kiosk type transformer substations, in industrial facilities and indoor spaces. All functional units can be easily installed side by side. The metal enclosed switchgears are produced in the factory with all routine and type tests conducted and can be commissioned in a very short period – practically and safely. HMH Series modular switchgears can be easily and safely used in kiosk type transformer substations due to their compact and minimized dimension.

Rated Voltage
up to 36kV
Rated normal Current
630-1250 A
Internal Arc Classification
IAC AFL 16kA - 1s (?)

Core features

Highly flexible
  • Easy and safe usage through its basic interlocking system
  • Designed with complete modular structure, in consideration of functionality, appearance and security features
  • Can be easily used in substations due to its minimised and compact dimensions


User friendly

  • The mimic diagrams and electricity protection / command boards are prepared according to the secondary projects in line with the customer and project requirements


Reliable and safe in operation

  • Manufactured in accordance with IEC standards (IEC 62271 - 200, IEC 60265, IEC 60129, IEC 60694, IEC 62271 - 100, IEC 62271 - 102, IEC62271 - 105)
  • Safe isolating and breaking process is ensured in SF6 gas environment

Modular Switchgear - Safe and Easy to Use

HMH Series Modular Switchgears are easy to operate with their basic interlocking systems. The door, Load Break Switch and Earthing Switch are connected to each other by the means of the interlocking system which provides safety for the operation staff.

Metal Enclosed Switchgear with a Solid Structure

HMH Series Switchgears are designed with a modular structure, in consideration of functionality, appearance and security features. Switchgear carcasses are manufactured of 2mm hot dip galvanized sheet metal and with thickness of 275gr/m² galvanise which is above the industry standards, it is not subject to any deformation even under the dampest mediums.
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