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Distributed amplifier unit accessories (cards & adapters)

A variety of accessories are available for Eaton’s EFDAU2000 voice alarm unit, making public address and voice alarm system customisation easy.

The EF-VIPEDIA-NET network card comes pre-fitted inside each EFDAU2000 and allows for network sizes up to 32 x EFDAU2000 panels. This card provides an Ethernet network interface and expansion via Ethernet to Fiber media converters.

The EF-D150 and EF-D500 class D transformerless amplifier cards provide 100, 70 or 50V audio output for distributed loudspeaker systems, and are interfaced to EF-LSZDC dual line surveillance interface module to provide fully monitored speaker lines. The configurable output power capability of the modules enhances its flexibility, with lower quiescent power requirement, and improved environmental performance compared to traditional amplifier designs.

Break out adaptors, EF-BOA01 and EF-BOA02  allow network cabling to be easily interfaced into the panel. They convert traditional field cabling, and their associated cores, into a compact RJ45 connection resulting in the reduction of both the wiring footprint and installation errors. 

Customise EFDAU2000 voice alarm systems
Easily Increase system size & capacity
Enhance system flexibility and performance

Break out adaptors


  • Din Rail Mount
  • Break out of all the connections from one RJ45 port, to eight screw terminals plus screen terminals
  • Daisy-chain In-Out RJ45 connectors for multiple breakouts and by-pass connections
  • End of line monitoring resistor positions

Network card


  • Multi-channel digital network
  • Increases network size to 32
  • Easy installation & configuration

Amplifier cards

EF-D150 / EF-D500

  • Class D transformerless amplifiers
  • Fault indication LED per amplifier
  • High effciency & low standby current
  • 100 / 70 / 50 V Output

Clear messages, live or recorded, guiding building occupants to safe evacuation

The EFDAU2000 range provides a versatile public address & voice alarm system to meet your project requirements. With a range microphones, and optional accessories available you can easily design your small or large system.
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