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DAU500 - All-in-one PAVA system

The DAU500 is all-in-one-box voice evacuation system. The wall mount panel contains a completely integrated voice evacuation system, capable of both standalone (for small systems) and network operation (for larger system expansion).

It is certified in accordance with EN54-16 and EN54-4, which are harmonized standards under Construction Products Regulation, mandatory in the European Union. 

Powerful and flexible, DAU500 offers flexibility and optimisation for a range of voice applications large or small.

Standalone or network operation
EN54-16 certified
Integrated PAVA system in one panel

Tall buildings or large sites? Ensure no message is left unheard with simple voice alarm system extension

The DAU500 all-in-one public address and voice alarm system is designed to be flexible. Whether it's a tall building or large site you need to cover, ease of system extension and networking capabilities ensure that you can meet your project requirements, whilst you ensure your building occupants will hear the broadcast message when it matters most.

Expanding your voice alarm system

Expanding your DAU500 voice alarm system is easy. All that's needed is a multiplexer (EF-HEXAPOD6) that connects directly into a single/dual output line of the system. This will give you 6 speaker lines.

To extend the system further you can simply connect another 2 multiplexers to the same panel giving you 18 speaker lines that could cover 18 floors. (3 multiplexers per DAU500 panel is advised.)


Extending your voice system further

When it comes to much larger systems, where you need to extend your voice alarm system across a site for example, the DAU500 system's networking capabilities enable to you to easily do this by connecting DAU500 panels together.

The system allows you to connect up to 254 panels per network and, with this versatility, you can easily build your system today whilst planning for future system extension tomorrow.


Customise your DAU500 public address and voice alarm system 

The DAU500 voice alarm system range offers a variety of optional extras meaning that you can tailor the system to meet your needs.


Speakerline multiplexer                          (EF-HEXAPOD6)

With its 6 outputs, the DIN-rail mounted EF-HEXAPOD6 expands the number of loudspeaker lines on the DAU500 Public Address and Voice Alarm System, with a maximum of 6 lines per multiplexer, with up to 3 multiplexers per panel advised.


Fiber optic interface module                  (EF-FSC-MM)

This DIN-rail mounted, optical multimode fiber signal adapter interconnects system panels. It extends a single link range up to 2km and features a standard SC connector for the fiber cable, providing easy plug and play connectivity.


Programmable Input/Output module      (EF-GPIO-16WAY)

This DIN-rail mounted I/O interface features programmable 16 input/16 output pins. It can trigger any user defined event to any zone/set of zones in the entire system, and  transmit audio signal from built-in local audio input to any zone over system network.


End of line module                                 

This IP33 protection rated end of line module enables selectable speaker load settings for the DAU500 system, that being 10%, 50% or 100% of the distributed amplifier unit's rated power.


Terminal box                                            (EF-HTB / EF-HTB-W)

The terminal box is used to mount DAU500 DIN rail mountable peripherals such as the EF-HEXAPOD6 and the EF-GPIO-16WAY. It enables field termination to loudspeaker cables and, as a central termination point, makes service and maintenance easy.


Emergency situation? Unfamiliar surrroundings? Get the message through!

The evacuation of a commercial building can be triggered by a growing array of potential threats, including fire, acts of terrorism or extreme weather. With the growing number of busy, complicated or unfamiliar buildings, the process of guiding people to safety is becoming increasingly complex. Public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems are key to giving clear messages that guide individuals to safety, which is why they are an essential part in evacuation planning today.

Did you know voice alarm systems can reduce evacuation time by more than 50%?

Research from the British Standards Association (BSI), shows that those hearing a tone signal take more than six minutes to evacuate a building with which they are not familiar, while those hearing a recorded message will be out in around four minutes. Live announcements are even faster at less than two minutes.

Design a voice alarm system to suit your building's requirements

The DAU500 voice alarm system is available with a variety of optional components and accessories. This means that you can easily tailor the system to meet the requirements of your current and future projects, whether the system you need is for a single building, across a site, either centralised or distributed. 

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