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Speakers for public address and voice alarm systems

Eaton’s range of speakers for public address and voice alarm systems comprise products for both indoor and outdoor installations.  

The CAD10T-ENC emergency voice speaker is a rugged sound projector ideally suited for use in corridors, passageways, shopping centres, prisons, car parks, railway stations and other public spaces. The units are manufactured in an aluminium extruded case finished in white. 

The weatherproof horn speaker, APH20T-ENC, is designed for installation in outdoor or ambient temperature areas where a wide angle of coverage is required. It is a practical solution for car parks, courtyards and warehouses.

The MC range of aesthetically pleasing ceiling loudspeakers is ideally situated in public spaces for general public address, music background and voice evacuation systems. Designed to be robust, the SENTRY6ST-ENC is a vandal resistant speaker that is suitable for use in shopping centres, prisons, schools, and railway stations.

Speakers to suit diverse project requirements
Weatherproof and vandal resistant models
Aesthetically pleasing for indoor installations

Designing a voice alarm system for a busy environment?

Voice alarm systems always require customisation to meet, not only project but environmental demands. When it comes to busy environments, whether that's in a school, railway station or shopping centre, the robust design of the SENTRY6ST-ENC holds its own. Designed to be tough and constructed from metal Eaton's vandal resistant speaker withstands the demands that high volumes of people create.

High quality acoustic output in everyday and emergency situations

Distorted messaging through subpar voice alarm and public address systems create uninviting and uncomfortable environments; they can also endanger the public during an emergency with messages that are difficult to understand. Engineered for high-quality sound output, Eaton's MC range of ceiling speakers ensure clarity in everyday and emergency situations, helping to save lives through crystal clear communication.

Public address and voice alarm speakers in the range

Firedome ceiling loudspeakers

MC range

Aesthetically pleasing design for public spaces.

Vandal resistant speaker


Suitable for shopping centers, prisons, schools, railway stations, etc.

Emergency voice speaker


Ideal for corridors, passageways, shopping centres, prisons, car parks, railway stations.

Weatherproof horn speaker


For outdoor or ambient temperature areas, e.g. car parks, courtyards and warehouses.

Design a voice alarm system to suit your building's requirements

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