We rank safety of our products as one of our primary goals and we are committed to the global fight against counterfeits to help protect people, property and the environment.

The global threat from counterfeits

Each year over 130,000 customs seizures* result in hundreds of millions of counterfeit goods being seized by customs authorities all around the world. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rising global trade in counterfeit goods; with the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) estimating as much as a staggering half trillion dollars of international trade each year is counterfeit, or 3.3% of world trade based on 2016 data.*
Estimated value of international trade in counterfeits*
Estimated value of international trade in counterfeits*
Proportion of world trade lost to counterfeits*
Proportion of world trade lost to counterfeits*
Increase in the proportion of world trade in counterfeits from 2013 to 2016*
Increase in the proportion of world trade in counterfeits from 2013 to 2016*
*Source - OECD/EUIPO (2019), Trends in Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods, Illicit Trade, OECD Publishing, Paris/European Union Intellectual Property Office.

“Counterfeiting is a crime, with criminals and organized criminal groups intent on illegally using trademarks to deceive customers for their own profit. Often used to fund other criminal activities, counterfeiters don’t care about safety or reliability, putting lives at risk. That’s why Eaton is committed to the global fight against counterfeit products misusing Eaton brands.”

Simon T. Bircham, Brand Protection Manager – Eaton EMEA and chair of the BEAMA Anti-counterfeit Working Group

The importance of combatting counterfeits

As counterfeiters become more sophisticated and expand out of traditional product categories such as luxury goods, footwear and clothing and into more complex product categories such as electrical machinery and equipment, the impact of this growing scope of counterfeit products poses significant threats to the environment and customer health and safety.

Counterfeit products are made with substandard materials, and electrical machinery and equipment often miss critical safety components and are simply not tested. As a result, these counterfeit products don’t function as intended resulting in poor performance or worse, pose a danger to people, property and the environment.

We put safety of people and property, and the sustainability of the environment first which is why we recognize the importance of helping ensure that our customers use and install genuine Eaton products. Tackling this growing global industry problem head-on, Eaton works with industry bodies and government authorities, and supports local anti-counterfeit agencies and global customs authorities to take legal action against these counterfeits.


In the same way that we work to help ensure that our customers use and install genuine Eaton product we are committed to ensuring that our suppliers meet a strict Supplier Code of Conduct, including a specific Counterfeit Product Prevention Policy. Through these measures we require our suppliers to have robust processes and procedures in place to ensure that materials, components and products they supply to Eaton are free from counterfeits.

Innovation and development and the creation of Intellectual Property (IP) play a key role in improving the quality of life and the environment, which is why we understand the importance of not only combatting counterfeits but also protecting our Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

With the Eaton Asset Manager app, we give you the power to make what matters, work for you

Our use of anti-counterfeiting technologies makes it more difficult to compromise our products while enhancing customer confidence and the ability to detect counterfeits. The Eaton Asset Manager mobile app is another example of Eaton leading the way to combat counterfeit products in the industry. With just a tap of your finger, our advanced mobile app not only gives you the power to manage your Eaton products and access product information on the move, but combined with our unique QR code capabilities on specific products, the app allows you to easily authenticate Eaton products through our propriety anti-counterfeit system.

Simple steps to help ensure the products you purchase, install and use are genuine and safe

  • Specify and insist on genuine, unaltered Eaton products no matter how big or small the project is.
  • Always buy genuine Eaton products from Eaton authorized distributors. Contact your local Eaton representative for more information on authorized dealers in your area.
  • Check the product before you install or use. Look for any alterations, changes to labelling or tampering. Use the Eaton Asset Manager app to authenticate. If the product doesn’t look right, report it to