Making rail travel the preferred choice

Improve safety, drive profitability and maximise reliability

With many methods of transportation available, the challenge is to make travelling by rail the preferred choice for travellers. For the rail industry we provide a broad portfolio of electrical, hydraulic and filtration products designed for maximum reliability in any environment. With a focus on energy efficiency and safety and through our technical expertise and project management capabilities, we can help you meet stringent regulations, minimise risk and secure your rail projects, all whilst keeping on time and on budget.

Build better and safer trains

Both new and refurbished rolling stock must offer high levels of energy efficiency, safety, reliability, passenger comfort and capacity. We help you to build better and safer trains with a wealth of reliable, energy-efficient electrical, hydraulic and filtration products.

Reduce costs and remain competitive

Operate competitively with products designed for maximum reliability and ease of maintenance, even in harsh environments. And rely on our innovation, engineering support and services for customised rail products to improve your train design, enhance your productivity and optimise your investment.

Power and protect railway projects

A focus on safety and security means that you not only have to meet stringent regulations, but must also drive the industry towards a safer and more sustainable future. With expertise in and technology designed for mission-critical applications, our global capacity with local support and a complete service portfolio, we help you to achieve your goals.

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