Securing reliable solar power from panel to grid

As one of the fastest growing energy sources, solar power should be a part of your energy strategy. From design to approval, from financing to installation, we’ll help you to maximise your energy harvest and your investment with reliable, efficient and safe solar and energy storage systems. 

Ensure a more sustainable future with solar energy

In today’s energy marketplace, utilities, governments, EPC firms and companies alike are under constant pressure to drive operational efficiencies, while improving the reliability of their electrical system in a sustainable manner. As one of the most abundant and fastest growing energy sources, solar power is becoming more accessible and cost-effective than ever thanks to advances in technology.

As a single-source supplier of electrical balance-of-system solutions for residential, commercial and utility solar power installations, we can help you throughout your project’s lifecycle – from securing project financing to utility approval. At the same time, we’ll work with you to minimise costs by reducing project complexity and protecting your people, property and investment with a smaller carbon footprint.

Energising clean, affordable solar power

As we move towards a clean energy future, investments in new technology, changes in regulations, the complexities of grid connectivity and grid security pose challenges to solar energy adoption. See how we are helping to make solar power a reality in utility, commercial and residential applications.  

engineers walking through solar power plant

Secure utility approval and project financing

Building a cleaner, more reliable electrical power system is becoming more important across industry, but regulatory compliance and challenges with financing can threaten your solar project from the beginning. With more than 100 years of expertise in power management, electrical system application engineering and design support, our proven solar solutions help you to maximise power output and storage to harness the full potential of solar energy and your investment.

Reduce installation costs and complexity to minimise the cost-per-watt

When you need to maximise your overall investment, minimising the cost-per-watt of solar installations is a top priority. Our electrical system design services, project management expertise and innovative integrated solutions reduce installation time, space and effort.

engineer installing solar panels
engineer technician auditing solar panels

Protect people, property and your investment

As a technology leader in electrical safety, we innovate solutions – from the smallest fuse to large medium-voltage switchgear – to help to keep people and equipment safe, protecting your project and your investment. With patented solutions for arc-flash protection, products designed for reliability and longevity and innovations in system monitoring, we’re helping to make sure that you and your equipment stay safe. 


Harnessing the renewables boom to drive sector coupling

As we enter the new decade, the EU have introduced tougher goals to achieve a net-zero economy for the bloc within the next three decades. The challenge is huge, as it rests on economic recovery and growth while minimising emissions.

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Powering the energy transition

See how we’re actively supporting the grid evolution by helping utilities, building managers and homeowners to adopt renewable power and storage strategies to make clean energy available when and where it’s needed.