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Eaton Managed Rack PDU

Eaton Managed rack PDUs, also known as Switched PDUs, allow you to monitor and control critical factors such as voltage, current and power factor. This information at the outlet receptacle level allows you to make the right decision when it comes to energy consumption in your data centre. Our most advanced switched PDUs, Eaton Managed vertical and horizontal units also feature remote on/off socket switching to enable you to reboot connected equipment. You’ll also benefit from being able to turn off unused outlets to prevent unauthorised use.

Switch outlets

Securely allows remote control and remote rebooting

Outlet level metering

IEC +/-1% Billing Grade Accuracy: Meter your energy consumption (kWh) plus V, W and A extremely accurately at the individual pieces of equipment level.

Hot-Swap network component

ePDU G3 has Hot-Swap network components – update or change without changing the outlet state.