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Eaton Micro Data Center

Eaton's Micro Data Center provides an easy-to-configure solution for IT equipment storage in 'Edge-of-Cloud' applications.

Eaton's Micro Data Center is a solution that offers a complete answer to your local data processing needs, all contained within the minimal footprint of a server cabinet.

With a suite of features that eliminate the need for adjacent environmental monitoring, the Micro Data Centre makes it simple to produce and maintain a reliable network for your local IT installations.

To learn more about how the Micro Data Centre can be used to complement or enhance your IT solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Eaton.

Core Features of the Eaton Micro Data Centre

The Eaton Micro Data Centre is a feature rich solution designed to simplify the execution of local IT solutions and edge-of-cloud computing. As a complete data centre solution, the Micro Data Centre can save your organisation significant sums in not only eliminating the need for peripheral hardware, but also in the economy of space and power required to support essential cooling functions.

  • Fully integrated UPS and environmental monitoring.
  • Remote access to system critical information via simple mobile interfaces.
  • Enhanced environmental security within a minimal footprint.
  • Easily configurable to the specific needs of your IT environment.

At Eaton, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and solutions, but also the service that accompanies them. We keep complete solutions and components stocked in-region to ensure fast shipment and easy start-up.

Find out more about this solution in the video below.

Success Story: Coomera Anglican College

See how the Eaton Micro Data Center has been utilised to support new educational mediums and experiences at Coomera Anglican College.