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Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe for PDU

The optional environmental monitoring probe (EMP) for rack PDUs is a connectivity device that enables you to collect temperature and humidity readings in the rack environment and monitor the environmental data remotely using a Telnet connection or a standard web browser. You can also collect and retrieve the status of two contact devices.

The Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) is designed to enable the collection of accurate temperature and humidity data in server racks. It is a solution that generates opportunities to engage in intelligent remote monitoring and automated environment management to ensure the safety of your mission critical data processing equipment.

Using a Telnet connection, or via a standard web browser, the combination of the Eaton EMP and our convenient web interface makes it quick and simple to check in on your power distribution units and the racks they are installed in.

To find out more about how Eaton can equip you with accurate and up-to-date temperature and humidity monitoring in your data center, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

This Eaton EMP for rack PDU has reached Reached End-of-Life Status

The Eaton EMP Gen 2 is a replacement device with additional monitoring benefits. It is intended to take the place of this first generation EMP device, and you can learn more about the newest iteration of this technology by following the link below.

Never Lose a Second of Uptime with Data Center Temperature Monitoring

Stay across every detail with powerful environmental monitoring enabled by the Eaton EMP. Keep track of heat, humidity, water, smoke or even door opens with our suite of environmental monitoring tools.

A Highly Compatible EMP Solution

The Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe is compatible with almost all Eaton power distribution products. Browse our products by following the link below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Stay in the Loop with Our Convenient Web Interface

Gain access to real-time environmental monitoring data around the clock via our web interface. Easily log in via standard web browsers or Telnet connection to check the status of your computer room and create automated email alarms to notify you of unsafe conditions in your data center.