Envirotran single-phase overhead transformer
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Envirotran single-phase overhead transformer

Eaton’s Cooper Power series single-phase Envirotran overhead transformer offers an environmentally responsible, cost-effective, highly efficient and safer choice in overhead transformers. Utilising Envirotemp FR3 high-fire-point dielectric fluid, these transformers provide fire safety benefits coupled with a projected lifespan well beyond that of a traditional mineral-oil transformer. Envirotran transformers are manufactured in 5-167 kVA models.

Envirotran single-phase overhead transformer
Primary voltage
2400-34,500 V
Secondary voltage
120-600 V

Core features

  • Readily biodegradable and non-toxic, Envirotemp FR3 fluid provides sustainable performance at low cost
  • Fluid conforms to ASTM D6871-03 and to pending IEEE PC57.147
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards, including ANSI, NEMA and DOE energy efficiency standards
  • Constructed with EPRI-recommended interlaced core-type design for greater resistance to low-side voltage surges
  • Quality System ISO-9001 certified
  • Available in single or double-bushing cover-mount configuration, with secondary voltages of 120/240, 240/480 or 277
  • Thermoset polyester low voltage bushings provide more temperature resistance than standard polymer
  • Tin-plated high and low-voltage bushing terminals accommodate aluminum or copper conductors

The safer, environmentally friendly choice

Utilizing Envirotemp FR3 high-fire-point dielectric fluid, these transformers enhance fire safety while providing environmental benefits. Because the fluid is readily biodegradable and non-toxic, Envirotemp provides sustainable performance at a competitive cost.

Optimum field performance

Eaton’s transformer cores and coils are designed and manufactured to provide the most reliable performance and the industry’s lowest failure rate. Advanced quality management, combined with exhaustive testing, assures unparalleled reliability and operation.