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Magnefix switchgear is a fully epoxy resin insulated ring main unit for up  to 15 kV distribution networks. The compact construction and fully insulated design make Magnefix ideal for installation in transformer stations, high rise buildings and wind turbine connections.

MD4 up to 12kV, MDF up to 15kV

Rated voltage
up to 15 kV
Rated normal current
up to 450 A
Degree of protection

Core features

  • Extremely compact (91 mm per switch panel)
  • Safe and reliable
  • Flexible design, high level of modularity
  • User friendly
  • Environmental friendly (SF₆-free)
  • Cost effective

SF₆-free for more than 50 years

Magnefix was first introduced to the market in 1955. Since then more than 200,000 Magnefix switchboards have been shipped to satisfied customers across the globe. The smart design, safe and robust construction and easy operation make Magnefix "timeless". Magnefix users can count on maximum support and the associated service.

Magnefix MD4

Magnefix MDF

Sustainability is in our DNA

Magnefix uses air and epoxy resin for insulation instead of SF₆. This eliminates the risk of leakage and minimizes maintenance costs as well as expensive end-of-life disposal procedures due to all materials being re-usable or recyclable. Eaton has been pioneering SF₆-free medium voltage systems for more than 60 years, with over a million SF₆-free switchgear panels installed across the globe.
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