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Power Xpert FMX

Power Xpert FMX is Eaton's IEC single busbar medium voltage switchgear using solid and air insulation. The system provides reliable switching, protection, metering and distribution of electrical energy up to 24 kV and 2000 A. Power Xpert FMX consists of metal-enclosed modular compact panels of minimum 500 mm. The 12 and 24 kV versions are both accommodated in the same compact housing.

Rated voltage
up to 24 kV
Rated normal current
2000 A
Short circuit rating
25 kA-3s

Core features

  • Compact
  • SF₆-free, environmentally friendly design
  • High operational safety 
  • Maintenance free
  • Full remote control
  • Easy connection and testing of cables
  • Tested according to IEC 62271-200
  • Internal Arc Classification AFL 25kA - 1s

An economic and reliable, globally applicable switchgear solution

Power Xpert FMX includes a complete range up to 2000 A with metal-enclosed modular compact panels starting at 500 mm width. Both the 12 and 24 kV versions use the same compact housing.

Power Xpert FMX is ideal for application in main feeder stations and substations. The system can be fitted to specific customer requirement. Typical applications are commercial and government buildings, infrastructure projects and industry (e.g. the processing industry).

Combining Power Xpert FMX with Eaton's low voltage switchgear, busbar trunking, UPS products, project management, and service capabilities offers you a complete state of the art solution.

Have a look at our case studies and see how Power Xpert FMX makes what matters work in a reliable, safe, non-toxic, and compact way.

Take a look inside Power Xpert FMX

Power Xpert FMX is an extendable platform offering different modular panels which can be arranged to fit your needs. There is no limit to how many panels can be combined and you can select your preferred protection and control relay. The compact panels can be accessed from the front, enabling a wall standing arrangement that minimizes the switchgear's footprint.

Due to the unique combination of solid and air insulation, no SF6 gas is needed, which drastically lowers end of life disposal costs. Power Xpert FMX uses a maintancence-free circuit breaker for up to 30.000 switching operations. 

SF₆-free switchgear is in our DNA

Eaton has been pioneering SF₆-free medium voltage switchgear systems for over 60 years. With more than 200 patented inventions, we provide green power management technologies that minimize maintenance, enhance operational safety, greatly increase the number of safe switching operations, and eliminate costly end of life disposal procedures.