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VFI rating
200 A continuous
Interrupting rating
12,000 A rms

Core features

Decrease the duration and scope of outages

The VFI transformer is capable of isolating faults up to 50% faster than conventional fused equipment – and can cut the number of affected customers in half. By dramatically reducing downtime, the VFI helps utilities enhance customer satisfaction.

Get more protection in less space

Only Eaton combines a transformer and sectionaliser in the smallest possible footprint, providing unparalleled reliability for underground systems with faster installation at a lower overall cost.

One solution, multiple applications

The VFI transformer easily coordinates with upline and downline protective devices as system changes occur. Use to tap off a main underground feeder; in place of a three-way junction cable; to sectionalise points on a long or densely loaded feeder; in high potential cable failure areas; and as a tie point between two systems.