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Cable runway and accessories

When it comes to optimising cable pathways, Eaton offers a wide variety of solutions for horizontal and vertical cable runs between racks and enclosures.  All cable runway solutions are UL classified and meet or exceed TIA/EIA standards for cable pathways.

Eaton's cable runway options



SB17U series features 1½" rungs on 12" centres that are individually boxed for finish protection

SB17 &SB17T series features 1" rungs on 9" centres which is ideal for telecommunications cables

Redi-Rail runway (SB13AL) features rungs joined with durable, strong connectors which allow rungs to be removed using standard tools, resulting in job-site flexibility and future expansion opportunities

Redi-Rail runway

Redi-Rail runway is a unique and flexible solution designed for data cabling applications. Instead of a welded rung, the Redi-Rail rung connection is made with hardware engineered for a strong connection, with rungs being removed using standard tools. In addition, the holes along the length of the side rail provide a convenient place to attach rungs and accessories without drilling, helping save time in the field.

Redi Rail Fall Off Cover
Redi Rail Accessories



Job-site flexibility

  • Rungs can be easily removed to provide more space for cables to enter or exit the runway
  • Rungs can be easily moved to support a drop out in a precise location over a rack or cabinet
  • Outboard rungs provide a simple way to segregate and organise multiple cable runs along a single path
  • Straight sections are compatible with standard fittings, wall brackets and supports

Save on grounding straps

  • Straight sections and standard splices are UL classified. No bonding jumper is required at splice locations. (Note: paint must be removed prior to splice connection).
  • No bonding jumpers required on painted or unpainted systems

Save time during installation

  • Lightweight aluminium makes straight sections easier to handle and results in a faster installation
  • Rung adjustments in the field no longer require cutting, helping save time on the job-site
  • Hanger rod brackets eliminate the need to cut and install strut trapezes
  • Holes inside rail eliminate the need to drill to attach a rung or accessory to the runway

Future expansion flexibility

  • Outboard rungs allow for the installation of horizontal cable runs alongside the same runway
  • Cable retaining posts allow more cables to be installed vertically along the runway path