We make on-time arrivals work.*

*We are a world of people on the go. It’s almost miraculous the speed at which we’re able to move—across town, across the country, around the world. Whether by train, by road or by air, it’s suddenly possible to pass between time zones almost as easily as we arrange a lift on our smartphones.

Transportation drives the global economy with thousands of interdependent systems working together to ensure that the world’s never-ending flow of goods and services and people is always working. From the loading dock to the motorway. On the runway. And at every stop along the track.

But what matters most is making sure that all of it all happens reliably, efficiently and safely. And Eaton is there every step of the way, enabling the critical technologies that make transportation work.
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See how Eaton is ensuring that the world’s constant flow of goods, services and people never stops.

We make every mile (or kilometre) work.*

*Every day, millions of people take to the road, driving to work—and for work. We’re going on holiday, out to lunch, getting children to school and running errands. Whilst businesses stay busy making sure that shelves are stocked, raw materials arrive just in time and pallets and packages are delivered on schedule. 

That’s why Eaton is on the road too, helping passenger cars and commercial vehicles perform better, on every trip they take. Whether it’s with advanced engine air management or transmission products that improve fuel economy, or fuel emissions systems that contribute to a better environment—Eaton technologies are there behind the scenes, mile after mile. 

Eaton’s not just on the roads, we’re helping to build and maintain them as well. Enabling the construction vehicles that pave the way to where you’re going with pumps, motors and valves to keep them running reliably. And our advanced LED street lights shine brightly overhead to guide you safely home.


Whether it’s transmissions, superchargers, valves or electrical components, the products we make at Eaton are integral to helping vehicles perform better—and I think that really connects us to the community and the world.

Maria, senior product development engineer, Vehicle Group

We make staying on track work.*

*From Grand Central Station in New York to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai, train stations worldwide are hubs of near constant activity. Railways are often one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods for getting from one city or country to the next, with more than one million miles of railway tracks crossing the countryside worldwide.

At Eaton, we're dedicated to making railway infrastructure more intelligent, reliable and resource-efficient. Helping to build and upgrade terminals, so passengers can get on board and on their way. All along the track, our advanced signalling and controls help improve railway efficiency and safety. We're also working underground, helping to power modern day marvels of engineering, in metro and transit systems from Stockholm to Beijing, to keep commuters moving—and cities growing.

On board, rail operators count on Eaton to keep passengers on the train safe and comfortable, even when they're travelling hundreds of kilometres per hour. Whether it's advanced hydraulics with active tilt technology, power distribution and conversion, or even remote control and wireless systems to improve communications, we're helping to keep every trip safe and on schedule.


I’m proud to be a part of the future of mobility. We're improving energy storage, helping with de-carbonisation and digitisation and are always thinking about how to create flawless journeys for passengers.

Delphine, mobility segment manager, Europe, Middle East & Africa

We make cruising at 30,000 feet work.*

*Air travel is truly taking off. In 2015, nearly 3.5 billion people took to the skies and, since then, the number of passengers has only increased as the world's rapidly growing and highly mobile middle class head off on their holidays. Today, global companies cross countless borders—and so do their employees, hopping on flights from Singapore to Pune and Zurich to Pittsburgh.

From the moment you start your travels, Eaton is working hard to improve every aspect of the flight. Powering the vast data centres that issue your e-tickets. Lighting the runways and taxiways that guide your plane safely to take-off and touchdown. And powering the systems that energise the terminals, from the ticketing counters to baggage claim. 

On the tarmac and in the air, Eaton technologies enable hundreds of the essential tasks that make air travel possible. From the couplings and nozzles that the ground crew uses to fuel the plane, to the advanced hydraulics systems on the landing gear and in wing flaps. All the way to the fuel systems, motion control and engine products on board that help make flights safer, more reliable and more efficient.


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The quality and reliability of what we build has a direct impact on people safely getting where they're going. We're always mindful of that as we do our daily jobs at Eaton.

Brian, regional supply chain manager, Aerospace Group

From departure to destination, and every leg of the journey in between

Power is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. That’s why we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies and services that are more safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. Because that’s what really matters. And we’re here to make sure it works.