Transform Your Power Network Webinar Series

There are two sides to a coin, a head and a tail.

Do you look at your data centre in the same way? 

One in the same but two sides, Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). Are you considering both and maximising on their full capabilities to ensure you are delivering the best efficiency possible, as well as investigating how you can increase the face value of the coin?

Consider however, that efficiency is not actually the main data centre issue. The real issue is to be ready for and contribute to the energy transition. This holds the key to sustainability, hyper-efficiency and enables the decarbonisation of electricity. For this to happen, the traditional role of the electrical infrastructure must change and transform. This is where revenue generation and contribution to grid stability can also be considered.

As a global leader in power management, Eaton is constantly innovating and challenging conventions to bring about transformation. In a series of five webinars, we invite you to explore the insights and knowledge gathered from Eaton’s global industry experts, in a local context.

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Technology and Trends Impacting Data Centre Strategy

Webinar date: 14 May 2021, Friday, 10AM AEST

Join us in our first webinar as we discuss the macro trends impacting several industries and the top 5 trends and its implications to the data centre industry. 


Energy Transition and Decarbonisation of Electricity

Webinar date: 14 July 2021, Wednesday, 10AM AEST

In our second webinar, we explore the adoption of renewable energy, its impact on the grid system, energy transition and how data centres can help decarbonise electricity.


With Intelligent and Connected Power Management

Webinar date: 8 September 2021, Wednesday, 10AM AEST

In our third webinar, we will discuss how power management is vital to the resilience, and scalability of a data centre. Join us as we examine solutions available for seamless connectivity and cyber-secured.


Cybersecurity for the Electro-Mechanical Layer

Webinar date: 10 November 2021, Wednesday, 10AM AEST

A data centre must operate to the highest levels of cybersecurity at both IT and OT levels. In our fourth webinar, we discuss the key threats and solutions to protect your data centre.


Eaton’s Data Centre 2022 Predictions

Webinar date: 8 December 2021, Wednesday, 10AM AEST

In our final webinar, we aim to recap the major events and developments that have affected our industry in 2021. We will also discuss the key trends and Eaton’s predictions for 2022 and beyond.