Increase data centre efficiency without sacrificing uptime

Data centre downtime is not an option in today’s hyper-connected world. You and your customers demand uptime, all the time. We can help increase your power availability and reliability to ensure that data is always accessible and protected.

Get the most out of your resources with increased power reliability

Get the most out of every device and resource in your data centre—regardless of its size or age—for improved data availability and protection. We'll help you take care of issues before they’re too big to handle, improve power usage effectiveness (PUE) and reduce overall energy costs. 

Predictive problem-solving

Better communication between IT and facility management can help you more effectively manage system needs and achieve business goals. But getting there takes a focused approach. We’ll help you integrate your existing building management, software management and converged architectures to optimise asset management, predictive monitoring and power quality management. In turn, you’ll reduce unanticipated failures, downtime and emergency service repairs, all while lowering costs. 

Monitor and improve PUE

Powering your site with the precise amount of required electricity and as little waste as possible is a challenge. But it is necessary in order to improve your PUE. From UPS systems that deliver the highest energy efficiency rating in the industry to systems that can prevent wasteful overcooling, we can help you operate the most energy-efficient data centre possible. 

Reduce energy costs

It takes a tremendous amount of electricity to power a data centre. With electricity consumption likely to double within the next five years, data centres need innovative systems to contain energy demands and the costs that come with it. From power distribution to thermal and airflow management and energy audits, our products and services are designed to prevent energy loss and waste throughout your entire process. 



Zenium collaboration drives data centre efficiency

We helped accelerate the construction of Zenium’s London One data centre and preserve valuable data centre floor space.