Eaton and HPE

Deliver business continuity across HPE hybrid cloud infrastructures

Eaton as an HPE Technology Partner

As an HPE Technology Partner, Eaton delivers solutions, which have been proven to provide rich, integrated functionality with HPE technologies for quick and effective deployment and operation. Eaton IPM software is an HPE Composable Infrastructure Tested solution which integrates with HPE OneView to automate provisioning, configuration and monitoring of the power infrastructure.

Eaton provides intelligent, integrated and scalable solutions designed to organize, protect and manage HPE integrated systems, servers, storage, network and software solutions. Eaton’s power infrastructure solutions, which easily integrate with HPE products, simplify power management and ensure business continuity, helping empower your IT transformation.

Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software integrates with HPE OneView to monitor the health and environmental condition of IT equipment within a rack environment. With this integration, HPE OneView shares the rack location of each server, allowing IPM to take specific actions on HPE servers to alleviate power or environmental issues at the rack level.

By joining HPE OneView and Eaton’s IPM software, you can automate your response to power anomalies and environmental issues within your data center. This can be achieved through power capping HPE servers via HPE iLO or migrating virtual machines from an impacted area to mitigate existing power issues.

Power for Convergence

Discover why power management is an essential part of converged infrastructures