RMQ Flat Design pilot devices

Enjoy a high degree of flexibility and design more compact machines with an innovative design through the use of space-saving RMQ Flat Desin front and contact elements.They are extremely sturdy and functional, combining elegent appearance with cutting-edge operating concepts. The modularity of the Eaton Moeller series RMQ-Titan family creates innumerable design combinations and intuitive solutions for user guidance, thereby improving the user experience of your systems. The true beauty of the RMQ front elements and contact elements lies in their clever, flat configuration. 



Installation depth reduced by 33%


Premium appearence


Simple and flexible

Attractive design and easy installation

The RMQ Flat Front elements not only feature an attractive contemporary design, but also stand out thanks to the features a sophisticated AFX mounting concept that makes the system stand out. RMQ AFX mounting concept makes it easier to install the devices. The compatibility with the RMQ-Titan and RMQ compact solution ranges, the innovative fronts provide maximum flexibility for a customized design.

Small size. Broad range: RMQ Flat Rear

The Flat Rear contact and LED elements have a 33 % lower installation depth, thereby saving space at the back of any pilot device. This is especially useful for machines with separate operating terminals (e.g. supporting brackets), and wherever space is limited.

Multi-color = multi-function

The innovative multi-color elements offer makes it possible to display various colors using only one button according to your needs.This not only enhances safety, but also allows a single indicator light to consistently display current machine statuses.

Modular system. High flexibility

RMQ Flat Enclosure is the smallest housing device of its kind and turns safety-relevant components into stylish design elements for every machine and system. It allows for a maximum of flexibility in endless applications thanks to the flat electromechanical contact elements RMQ Flat Rear that are easily combinable with the rest of the RMQ assortment.
Eaton RMQ Flat Design pilot devices

RMQ Titan M22 modular pilot devices

Whether on the control panel, in suspended panels or in the control cabinet: RMQ Titan M22 from the Eaton Moeller series are the number one solution for machine and panel builders.

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Eaton RMQ compact solution pilot devices in a flat design with pre-integrated cables

RMQ compact solution compact pilot devices

Increase your competitive edge, by designing more compact and reliable machines with Eaton's Moeller series RMQ compact solution command and indication devices.

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