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Breaker-Based Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches

The Eaton Breaker Type Bypass Isolation Switch is designed to require minimum maintenance even under the most strenuous of operating conditions. Due to the use of moulded case switches and their inherent self-protection capability, the contact structure and mechanism is extremely long lived.

Continuous Current Rating
Up to 1000A
System Voltage Rating
Up to 600 Vac
System Frequency Rating
50/60 Hz

Core features

  • Auxiliary relay contacts:
    • Source 1 Present 2NO & 2NC
    • Source 2 Present 2NO & 2NC
  • Switch position indication contacts:
    • Source 1 Position 1NO & 1NC
    • Source 2 Position 1NO & 1NC
  • Source 1 & Source 2 sensing:
    • Undervoltage/underfrequency
    • Overvoltage/overfrequency
    • 3-phase rotation protection
    • 3-phase voltage unbalance/loss
  • Pre-transfer signal contacts 1NO/1NC.
  • Go to Emergency (Source 2).
  • Seven field programmable time delays.
  • LCD-based display for programming, system diagnostic and Help message display.
  • Mimic diagram with source available and connected LED indication.
  • System test pushbutton.
  • Programmable plant exerciser.
  • Safe manual operation under full load with permanently affixed operating handle.
  • Monitor Utility and Generator power source voltages and Generator power source frequency.
  • Provides undervoltage protection of the Utility and Generator power sources.
  • Provides underfrequency and overfrequency protection of the Utility and Generator power source.
  • Provides faceplate source status indications.

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