Circuit breakers
xEffect FRCdM Type B, Bfq and B+ residual current circuit breakers
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xEffect FRCdM Type B, Bfq and B+ residual current circuit breakers

The FRCdM meets the highest requirements for the protection of both people and equipment. Types B, B+ and Bfq RCCBs detect AC pulsating, DC residual and smooth DC residual currents.

Type B RCCBs are the standard type and are sensitive to all residual currents up to 1 kHZ. Type B+ devices are sensitive to all residual currents while also being equipped with a special tripping curve that limits the tripping current to max. 420 mA for frequencies up to 20 kHz. Type Bfq devices meanwhile can tolerate system-induced earth leakage currents at higher frequencies up to 50 kHz.

Tripping current
all-current sensitive
Design according to
IEC 61008, IEC 62423
mixed frequencies up to 50 kHz

Core features

  • Part of the xEffect series for industrial/commercial applications
  • Safe power disconnection of smooth DC and AC currents
  • Digital technology for maximum system availability
  • Real-time measurement of residual currents
  • Easy operation and refitting
  • For fault current/residual current protection and additional protection
  • All-current sensitive RCCB for fault current and additional protection
  • Digital features for maximum system availability
  • System monitoring: Preventive information/warning before the RCD trips in case of leakage currents
    – Integrated auxiliary contact for remote advance warning
    – Local indication by means of 3 LEDs
  • Type B+ devices also meet the requirements for advanced fire protection according to VDE 0664-400
  • The 4-pole devices can also be used as 2-pole versions for photovoltaic applications
  • A new level of accuracy >that minimises nuisance tripping
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Contact position indicator
  • Fault current tripping indicator
  • Automatic re-setting possible
  • Transparent designation plate
  • Twin-purpose terminal (lift/open-mouthed) at top and bottom
  • Can be positioned on busbar at top or bottom
  • Free terminal space despite installed busbar
  • FRBmM-1N universal tripping signal switch (also suitable for FAZ) can be retrofitted
  • Z-HK auxiliary switch can be retrofitted
  • Contact position indicator red - green
  • Tripping indicator white - blue
  • Additional safety
    - Sealing option
    - Option to lock in ON or OFF position
  • Time-delayed types (G, S) suitable for use with standard fluorescent lamps, with or without electronic ballast (30mA-RCD: 30 units per phase conductor)

xEffect digital switchgear

The digital RCCBs from the xPole series can do more than just switch off. They monitor electrical installations and give advance warning of critical current flows, so that system shutdowns – and the associated costs – can be avoided.


LED function monitoring:

  • The green LED lights up
    at 0 % to 30 % IΔn 
  • Tolerance: ± 5%
  • If the current flow in the system to ground is in the range of 0 % to 30 % of the nominal fault current, the green LED will be active.
xEffect Residual Current Circuit Breaker FRCdM Type AC, A, U, R - yellow LED
  • The yellow LED lights up
    at 30 % to 50 % IΔn 
  • Tolerance: ± 5%
  • The yellow LED indicates residual currents in the range of 30 % to 50 % of the nominal fault current. This makes is possible to take appropriate counter measures before the system shuts down.
  • The red LED lights up
    at >50 % IΔn 
  • Tolerance: ± 5%
  • If the red LED lights up, the leakage current exceeds 50 % of the nominal fault current. This means that the system is in critical condition – the digital RCCB will only trip if the fault current continues to increase.

Type B devices increase safety and reliability

Smooth DC residual currents may occur in industrial, commercial and residential applications with photovoltaic systems, frequency converters or other electronic components. The extended sensitivity of Type B RCCBs minimises nuisance tripping and thereby significantly increases safety and reliability.

Reliable protection for machines

These products help maintain an optimal system and provide additional protection against residual earth leakage currents for a wide range of applications. They come with different tripping characteristics to cater for a variety of electrical systems and components. The devices offer a wide range of nominal currents and comprehensive optional accessories.

Key benefits:

  • Reliable protection for machines with
    3-phase frequency converters
  • Safe power disconnection in the event of smooth DC
    and AC residual currents
  • Detection of high-frequency
    residual currents
  • Maximum availability thanks to
    the digital technology and advance warnings

Permanent indication thanks to digital technology

The specially adapted tripping curve of Type Bfq RCCBs complies with the standard Type B specifications while also preventing nuisance tripping in industrial applications with high-performance variable frequency drives. Type Bfq RCCBs are Type B devices with a specially adapted tripping curve up to 50 kHz for all types of residual currents. They prevent tripping due to leaking currents in circuits with powerful frequency inverters.

The different types come with different advantages

Type G/B and G/B+: High level of protection against nuisance tripping. Mandatory in circuits where nuisance tripping might cause personal injury or property damage. Protection against all types of fault currents.
Type S/B and S/B+: Selective residual current devices. Protection against all types of fault currents.
Type -S/Bfq: Suitable for use with variable speed drives in residential, commercial and industrial applications. A tripping characteristic specifically designed for frequency converters prevents nuisance tripping. Protection against all types of fault currents.