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The Eaton partner network consists of companies with proven machine-building experience. Leaders in their respective fields, these companies specialise in the engineering, implementation, integration and commissioning of machine-building projects. They develop projects jointly with their customers, from the initial idea through the final implementation, and then follow up with after-sales service. 

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Whatever the nature of you industrial project, whether it’s drive applications for pumps, automation tasks involving IIoT and data transparency, or the design and construction of control panels based on the IEC or UL/CSA standards, you will find the right fit in our partner network.
Simply enter your city or postal code in the first line. For the initial search we recommend using the default radius. You can reduce the search radius once you have gotten the first results.
In the second line, you can choose a "category", though this is optional. The categories covered by each network partner are indicated under the company name in the list of results.
Click on the "contact" option for the partner that you’d like to get in touch with, and you’ll be directed to the registration page where you can submit your project. Once you’ve submitted your inquiry, we’ll get back to you shortly.