Flexibility Webinar

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Flexibility Webinar

06 May 2020 | 5-5:45 p.m. CET

Enabling flexible and environmentally friendly power flow

With full electrification and digitalisation, the economy will become even more dependent on a reliable electricity supply. At the same time, as the share of variable renewable energy sources increases, power generation will become more unpredictable. All this requires a network that is more than just a power distributor. The grid of the past was built around a few large central power plants. In the future, we need to build a cellular grid based on distributed generation and dynamic use. 

Learn about our:

  • Environmentally friendly SF6-free switchgear solution
  • Battery storage and peak load management solution xStorage Buildings
  • EnergyAware UPS and how energy-intensive data centers can provide grid services, making it easier to integrate renewable energy