Factory of the Future Webinar

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Factory of the Future Webinar

07 May 2020 | 5-5:45 p.m. CET

Factory of the Future

Today, machines are being transformed from simple command receivers into "smart" agents within the framework of Industry 4.0. Information can flow in any direction: to and from the machine, to the Cloud or to local on-premise. In our webinar, you will learn how your company can better position itself for the future with digital concepts and reduced energy consumption.

Energy efficient power trains

  •  Eaton’s drives and motorstarter solutions enable the design of efficient machines that fulfill all directives and norms. Smart Devices provide detailed energy consumption data to the NubisNet.



  •  Eaton NubisNet is the new Hybrid IoT solution that collects, consolidates and analyses available process and energy consumption data, thus helping the operator to take the right decisions for the improvement of his or her processes and the energy usage.


DC Network

  •  Learn how Eaton enables the factory of the future to set up DC Networks that gets its power from a microgrid, including energy storage. Such networks further reduce the losses of AC / DC conversions and facilitate the integration of Energy provided be renewable energy sources such as PV.