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EC4P compact programmable logic controller

The easyControl from the MoellerTM series is the latest addition to Eaton’s ‘easy’ range and closes the gap between a control relay and a programmable logic controller. The large program memory and high processing speed ensure fast execution of the desired actions. Available in 16 different versions, this compact PLC can be used across a wide range of applications thanks to the integrated CANopen and Ethernet communication options.

Versatile communication options:
Ethernet, CANopen, easyNet and easy-COM
Flexible visualisation:
Via integrated or remote display
Broad range of applications:
Suitable for marine applications

Core features

  • Flexible interfaces
  • Ethernet on board
  • Can be expanded locally and remotely
  • Plug-in memory module

Compact device for small automation solutions

The large number of product variants makes it possible to implement various automation solutions with only one device. The CODESYS programmable control device already has digital and analogue channels, an operating level and a display on board and thus facilitates cost-optimised solutions for small automation tasks.

Flexible networking

The Ethernet, CANopen, easyNet and easy-COM interfaces not only open up a wide range of communication options, but also ensure that integrating the easyControl devices into existing systems is both cost-effective and easy. The communication modules from the ‘easy’ range make the connection of fieldbuses especially easy. For this purpose, the fieldbus interfaces PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, DeviceNet and AS-Interface are available.

Meets all OPC-UA requirements

The easyControl devices are available with and without integrated Ethernet interface. The devices thus meet the following requirements: OPC server, simple programming and integration into existing infrastructures.

Programming based on CODESYS 2

CODESYS is the programming system for the easyControl devices. The software includes all five programming languages in accordance with IEC61131-3 as well as the continuous function chart (CFC). Main features: Complete simulation of the project even when no PLC is connected (offline simulation); graphical control configuration; comprehensive range of documentation features; high-performance tools for testing and commissioning; online amendments as required.

The Moeller series - a 100-year legacy

With over 100 years of experience in starting, controlling and protecting motors, the Moeller series offers you a proven product portfolio that will help you use energy more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

easyControl compact PLC

Closes the gap between the easyControl relay and a PLC

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