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Ulusoy UMC

The Ulusoy UMC Series metal clad withdrawable switchgear system is produced in accordance with IEC standards and suitable for a wide range of applications in primary distribution, industrial plants and infrastructure up to 36 kV. Ulusoy UMC withdrawable primary switchgear is designed with safety in mind, offering a reliable and flexible solution to meet the needs of your most demanding applications.

Rated voltage
up to 36 kV
Rated Current
Internal Arc Class

Core features

Flexible switchgear

  • Withdrawable switchgear up to 36 kV
  • Maintenance, reparation and on-site installation can be done from the front or back side of the switchgear
  • Offering a broad range of configurations and options including vacuum circuit breakers and contactors


Designed for safety

  • Pressure relief flaps at the top with internal arc classification AFL or AFLR
  • Maximized service continuity LSC2B/PM


Environmentally friendly

  • Using air insulation, solid cast resin insulation in combination with vacuum switching technology
  • Requires less space due to the compact design (1200mm panel width for 36kV)

Highest Safety

Pressure relief flaps are at the top and IAC class is A-FL or A-FLR. All maneuvers can be made when the panel door is properly closed. Possibility of wrong maneuvers is prevented by means of mechanical and electrical interlocks. It is a fully insulated system and division class is PM. Equipped with E2 class earthing switch which can close 5 times to short circuits.
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