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Electrical product, sales and support inquiries

EatonCare, our customer and sales support organization for electrical products, is dedicated to providing our customers and distributors with general information and technical resources, as well as support for OEMs, project and product orders and after-hours emergencies. 
Contact Inverters – Eaton Power Quality
0 800 33 68 58
Contact Eaton Industries France
0 800 336 858
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Hydraulics product, sales and support inquiries

For all of your hydraulic product needs, our team of experts are available to assist with your inquiry. Our hydraulic distributors provide technical support.
+33 450 841 110

Vehicle product, sales and support inquiries

Our customer support and product teams for commercial and passenger vehicle solutions are available to assist you with general and technical inquiries.
Valve actuation, valves, fuel emissions, differentials, superchargers, and powertrain controls  products phone
Transmission, clutch products phone