BladeUPS pre-assembled system FAQs

The Eaton BladeUPS is a three-phase, scalable and modular UPS for high density computing environments. A BladeUPS pre-assembled system is a turnkey solution featuring easy customisation, shipping and installation that can be quickly deployed in any environment.

What racks do the pre-assembled BladeUPS systems come in?

Pre-assembled systems are now available in the Eaton S-Series racks as well as the previous Eaton rack that’s been used in the past. 

What power configurations are the pre-assembled BladeUPS available in?

Pre-assembled systems are available with either the four- or six-module BladeUPS parallel bars. The four-unit bar allows only up to 48kW of UPS to be installed and is slightly less costly for customers who’ll never exceed that capacity. The six-unit bar can be configured for up to 60kW with N+1 redundancy. 

If I install the 4 high (48kW) bus bar with my BladeUPS today and for some unforeseen reason I need to expand to 60kW (N+1) in the future, can the system be modified to do that?

Yes, in contrast to our competitors, Eaton’s BladeUPS is highly flexible and uses very modular components, so you don’t need to replace the entire frame and start over if your power needs change. You simply remove power from the loads and shut down the UPS modules to swap out the parallel busbar with a new six-unit bar. The existing wire-way in either the bottom or top of the rack can be reused. 

Do you provide cabling for other BladeUPS accessories?

Sometimes. The Maintenance Bypass Modules (MBMs) and BladeUPS maintenance bypass cabinets with distribution (480V to 208V) must be hardwired by an electrical contractor, who’s responsible for the cabling. Eaton does provide the cabling for other accessories that plug into the UPS chassis, such as Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) and Rack Power Modules (RPMs).

Are pre-assembled BladeUPS systems available for installations without a raised floor?

Yes, the pre-assembled system is available with top and bottom entry in the 12-60kW N+1 configuration, as well as the 12-48 kW configurations. This allows easier installation in either a raised or non-raised floor environment. 

If I order a pre-assembled BladeUPS system with bottom cable entry, then I need to switch it to top cable entry, can I do that?

No, the BladeUPS busbar assembly is specifically designed to handle either top or bottom cable entry points and can’t be flipped over in the field. However, the 6U wire-way assembly is universal, so it can be relocated in either position. You’d merely need to order the proper busbar assembly for the new configuration. 

Why are some of the batteries for the BladeUPS placed outside of the rack on the shipping pallet?

Due to the possibility of the rack being too top heavy, we never ship batteries installed in the top two module positions (5th or 6th units of either the 60kW or 60kW N+1). Instead, batteries are shipped in standard shipping boxes either on the same pallet or on a second pallet. With the new Eaton S-Series racks, we went to a smaller, squarer pallet, to be easier to manoeuvre once unloaded from the lorry, so those will have those batteries on the second pallet. Configurations using the older Eaton racks will have the top two modules’ batteries located on the pallet alongside the rack. The user guide contains the simple instructions for installing these batteries after the pre-assembled system has been removed from the pallet and placed into its installed position. The only tool required is a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

Do communication cards come installed and tested on pre-assembled BladeUPS systems?

Yes, all connectivity cards – including Web/SNMP, Modbus, Power Xpert UPS, standard relay or industrial relay cards – will be installed and tested at the factory. The associated external cables for these items are placed, along with the relevant user manual, in an accessory box inside the rear door of the rack during shipment. Additionally, the parallel communications functionality between the individual BladeUPS modules is verified at the factory prior to shipment. 

Do pre-assembled BladeUPS systems include factory installation of BladeUPS accessories such as EBMs, RPMs and MBMs?

At this time, pre-assembled systems don’t include the factory installation of any accessory items. Eaton does offer new pre-assembled start-up services that include the installation of such items onsite. 

What service options are available for BladeUPS pre-assembled systems?

Since pre-assembled systems are shipped with all BladeUPS modules factory installed, there’s no need for onsite installation of the individual modules in the rack. However, many customers like to have factory-authorised service technicians check out their installation and system prior to startup to ensure years of trouble-free operation. If a pre-assembled system is ordered in conjunction with BladeUPS accessories and onsite installation is desired, Eaton offers a variety of pre-assembled start-up services, as noted in the table below.
Description Catalogue number Coverage Number of accessories
Standard Start-up, 12-60 kW W2SU06NXXX-0080 5 x 8 0
Standard Start-up, 12-60 kW W2SU05NXXX-0080 7 x 24 0
Pre-assembled Start-up Level 1 W2SUPS06NXXX-0080 5 x 8 up to 20
Pre-assembled Start-up Level 1 W2SUPS05NXXX-0080 7 x 24 up to 20
Pre-assembled Start-up Level 2 W2SUPR06NXXX-0080 5 x 8 up to 40
Pre-assembled Start-up Level 2 W2SUPR05NXXX-0080 7 x 24 up to 40
  • BladeUPS accessories that are eligible for installation include extended battery modules (EBMs), rack power modules (RPMs), maintenance bypass modules (MBMs), power distribution units (PDUs), additional enclosures and enclosure accessories such as airflow or cable management. If an item appears on an order with a quantity of one, it counts as one accessory item.
  • The standard assembly and UPS setup services (W2AS00N000-015, W2AS00N000-0080) are not applicable to pre-assembled systems. However, all other support plans are available. These pre-assembled start-up services exclude the unpacking of the pre-assembled system itself, which must already be in its installed position, with power applied. 
  • For system installations with more than 40 accessory items, please contact Eaton service. 

Are the 400V BladeUPS products available in the pre-assembled configuration?

The 400V pre-assembled systems aren’t part of the initial product release. However, such configurations are possible, so if you have an opportunity for such a system, please contact Eaton. 

Are other rack options available for BladeUPS pre-assembled systems?

Yes, there are many available server rack options, including rack hygiene, blanking panels, cable management, KVMs, environmental sensors, etc. that can be ordered as separate line items. Such items would need to be self-installed or you’d need to purchase Eaton’s new onsite pre-assembled start-up service. 

What serial number do I provide when calling for warranty or other services/support on a BladeUPS pre-assembled system?

The pre-assembled rack has a serial number located on the label that’s found on its front door. For long-term reference, this serial number is also located on a smaller label inside the rack on the rear left frame. 

If I’m remotely monitoring the BladeUPS system, will the system serial number be visible via my remote connection?

No, your remote connection will pick up the serial number of the individual UPS module you’re talking with, which is the one with the communication card, but not the entire system. It would be best to store the entire system serial number in your asset tracking system, so if service is ever needed, you can reference that number when you call our service hotline.

Can pre-assembled BladeUPS systems ship internationally?

Yes, pre-assembled systems can ship internationally if they’re transported by land or sea. 

What is the lead-time for BladeUPS pre-assembled systems?

Pre-assembled systems are available with an ARO lead-time of five to seven days.