Series G molded case circuit breaker
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Series G molded case circuit breaker

The Eaton Series G Molded Case Circuit Breaker provides users with unparalleled performance and convenience. A patented contact design features high-speed “blow-open” action, resulting in superior circuit breaker performance. This globally-rated platform offers users high interruption ratings in a compact footprint with ease of in-field configuration applicable to a wide variety of industry and regional requirements. Choose from a selection of thermal magnetic and electronic trip units, available in current ratings that range from 15A to  2500A with voltages up to 690 VAC.

Arc flash reduction
Instantaneous trip units

Faster than instantaneous

Eaton's electronic trip units are available with Series G molded case circuit breakers. Electronic trip units are designed to meet a broad range of monitoring and protection requirements. Curve shaping, zone selective interlocking, arcflash reduction, diagnostics, and system monitoring and communications are all features available by selecting the appropriate trip unit for the specific requirement.

Core features

  • Compact design frees up panel space.
  • Common field-fit internal accessories make installation and custom configuration easy.
  • Advanced trip unit functionality offers a wide range of adjustment for maximum flexibility.
  • Patented contact design features high-speed “blow-open” action, resulting in superior performance.
  • Mounting hardware and lugs are included, on LG frame and below, for convenience, eliminating the need for separate parts orders.
  • Meets the requirements of UL, CSA, IEC, CCC and CE, providing a truly global design and worldwide acceptance.
  • A premier selection of trip units including thermal magnetic, electronic, and magnetic only switches is available.
  • Extensive UL508 SCCR listings avaliable with Eaton motor control components.


Series G molded case circuit breakers employ the world’s most advanced technology. Patented reverse loop contact designs provide current limiting performance, and the highest interrupting ratings in the industry’s most compact breaker size.

Eaton's Power of Authenticity

Before your next installation, understand the risks and dangers associated with counterfeit, surplus and reconditioned molded case replacement circuit breakers. At Eaton safety is our highest priority, and we are committed authenticity when a replacement breaker is required.