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iProx series sensors

These unique, adaptable field-programmable sensors utilise our exclusive SmartSense technology – featuring an embedded microprocessor – to perform special sensing functions at extended ranges. These capabilities include programmable attributes, such as sensing range, output types, contact types, response time and noise immunity. No other sensor on the market offers such extensive programmability. 

iProx series sensors
Sensing range:
from 4 mm to 29 mm
Sensor customisation:
via ProxView configuration software
to high interference levels, up to 20 V/m

Core features

  • Our exclusive SmartSense technology performs band sensing, position sensing and background rejection and allows for an adjustable sensing range.
  • The robust design is ideal for extreme temperatures or environments with high-pressure wash down.
  • High noise immunity of 20 V per metre prevents many of the problems associated with electrical noise
  • The auto-configure output automatically detects the sensor's wiring configuration and shifts the sensor into NPN or PNP mode as required.
  • The 360-degree, dual-colour output LED indicator provides easy viewing and simplified machine troubleshooting
  • Thanks to the unique embedded programming features, the range can be adjusted and the unit can be set up for band sensing or background metal rejection.
  • Simple yet powerful programming tools and the improved iProx software for Microsoft Windows and Windows mobile devices make customising the iProx sensor easy.
  • Once an iProx custom program has been developed, the sensors can be programmed at the Eaton factory, so that they arrive preconfigured to the exact specifications required by the OEM.

E59 iProx series

Designed to be the highest performing sensor. Standard features include extended sensing ranges, high noise immunity, extreme durability and auto-configure technology
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