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Commercial lighting controls
Lighting control modules for detection & daylight harvesting
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Part numbers

Cat No  Description  
Lighting Control Module
LCMB12W LCM 12 way 6 channel Switching only
LCMB12WD LCM 12 way 6 channel Digital Dimming
LCMB12WB  LCM 12 way 6 channel Switching and BUS connection
LCMB12WDB  LCM 12 way 6 channel Digital Dimming and BUS connection
Cat No  Description
Sensors for the LCM
LCMBMS  Microwave detector and Photocell surface/ semi-recessed mount
LCMBMF  Microwave detector and Photocell flush mount
LCMBPIRF  PIR detector and Photocell flush mount
LCM Accessories
LCMPL3RJ45  Patch Lead 3m CAT5 c/w RJ45 connectors
LCMPL5RJ45  Patch Lead 5m CAT5 c/w RJ45 connectors
LCM6PGL  6-Pole Black/Grey GST latching Male connector
LCMCP  LCM switch input connectors - pack of 5

Technical specification

Marshalling Boxes There are 4 marshalling box variants offering different functionality and compatibility with the range of accessories. LCMB12W is the switching only variant that offers configurable channel outputs and is ideal for areas where a simple light level offset and time delay provides sufficient control of luminaires.
LCMB12WD is the digital dimming variant, compatible with both DSI and DALI ballasts, this allows daylight harvesting to trigger dimming to regulate the luminaire output relative to the commissioned light level setting.
LCMB12WB has an integrated communication BUS interface to facilitate connection to a BUS loop enabling interaction with a wider lighting control system. (This variant does not have the dimming function) The BUS has mains voltage protection via a replaceable BUS card to prevent damage to the remainder of the box should mains be applied to the BUS loop in error. (The recommended cable for the BUS is 1.5mm² unscreened twisted pair).
LCMB12WDB combines both the dimming functionality and communication BUS interface to produce the most versatile marshalling box option. If two or more LCMs are to be linked via a BUS loop then a BUS power supply will be needed. For BUS power supply options please refer to page 343.
The marshalling boxes have a modular construction and can be upgraded to add the BUS or Dimming functionality described above if required.
Construction Robust VO rated polycarbonate housing finished grey with dedicated mounting points at 240mm centres and numerous cable entry points
Luminaire Connections 12 x 6-pole luminaire connections which are split across 6 different channels as follows:
2 channels control 3 luminaire connections each
2 channels control 2 luminaire connections each
2 channels control 1 luminaire connector each
The maximum recommended load per channel is 6A (with a maximum recommended total load of 16A for the box).
The recommended maximum number of digital dimming ballasts per channel is 8, with a maximum of 20 digital dimming ballasts for the box in total. Luminaires can be supplied fitted with corresponding 6-pole connectors that will lock to the marshalling box, ensuring positive mechanical connection and prevents accidental disconnection.
Detector Inputs Each box is fitted with 5 x SELV RJ45 detector input sockets, this allows quick and simple connection of the detectors via RJ45 patch leads (available as separate accessories), minimising install time and removing the chance of incorrect hardwiring. The maximum recommended cable length between a detector and the box is 100m. 
Switch Inputs Each box is fitted with 5 x 3-pole SELV switch input sockets.
These connections are a pluggable terminal block with a common and two returns with normally open contacts. The function of each switch input can be attributed to one or more of the luminaire
channels. These inputs have the potential to allow up to 10 functions to be attributed to them and could be used to create scene setting functionality.
The recommended cable for use with the SELV switch inputs is 3-core 0.75mm² 300/500V to CMA ref 3183Y (or 3183B for LSOH cable). The maximum recommended cable length between a switch device and the box is 100m.
Each LCM is supplied with 2 switch input plugs. A pack of 5 is available if more are needed (LCMCP).
Mains supply The box requires a 230/240V 50Hz electrical supply.
The mains input terminal is 4-pole with cable capacity of 2 x 2.5mm² or 1 x 4.0mm² per termination.
The box is supplied with a link between the permanent and switched live terminals, this can be removed where a permanent live supply is to be connected for emergency luminaires.
The permanent live input is common to all channels so a single key switch will drop the permanent supply to all 6 channels.
Dimensions Depth 50mm (108mm with 6-pole plug and lead fitted)
Length 315mm (361mm including fixing feet)
Width 205mm
Weight 1.85kg
Fixing centres 340mm