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Moduseal 2 - Recessed or surface mounted IP65 ceiling light
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Part numbers

Variant  Cat No  Lumen Output   Llm/cW  Wattage (W)  Weight (kg)  Emergency Cat No  Weight (kg)
600 x 600              
3600 MS2R364KZ  3636 40 90.9 7.0 ELMS2R364KZ 7.5
4800  MS2R484KZ  4824 55 87.7 7.0 ELMS2R484KZ  7.5
1200 x 300            
3800 MS2R384KZ  3539 48 73.7 7.9 ELMS2R384KZ  8.4
5600 MS2R564KZ 5608 81 69.2 7.9 ELMS2R564KZ  8.4
Description  Cat No            
Diffuser frame removal tool  MS2RST            
Surface mounted            
Surface mounted versions are to be ordered complete only. Recessed variants cannot be upgraded to surface mounted
For surface mounted versions replace character R with S, e.g. MS2S364KZ    
For DALI Dimming option replace character Z with DD, e.g. MS2R364KZ becomes MS2R364KDD
For DALI EM PRO emergency options replace add character P as a suffix, e.g. ELMS2R364KDD becomes ELMS2R364KDDP
Emergency versions also available with automatic test functionality.    
For further information, contact our technical support and application department on 01302 303240 or email
Llm/cW = luminaire lumens per circuit watt          

Technical specification

Light Source and Control Gear Options • LED – high output, high efficiency LED chip set optimized for maximum efficiency
• Energy efficient LED drivers
Options • Fully integrated LED emergency conversion with optic lens, 3 hour duration
• Suitable for use on defined escape routes
• We offer a range of product support contracts to aid commissioning, reduce your maintenance costs, comply with legislative test requirements and increase the lifespan of your lighting equipment
Materials • Body – welded, full box steel construction, powder coated RA9016 white
• IP65 frame – extruded aluminium, chromate pretreated and powder coated RAL 9016 white
• LED panel – TPa rated opal material
• Surface mounted body – welded, full box steel construction, powder coated RA9016 white
Installation notes • For ceiling type compatibility refer to the installation guide on page 66
• Contact Eaton’s technical support team for compatibility with other ceilings
• May be used with prepared aperture ceilings which are suitably reinforced – see the diagram below for details
• Terminal block with a 2 x 2.5mm2 cable capacity per termination
• Fixtureless frame retention can be removed with supplied tool or diffuser frame removal tool MS2RST
• MS2RST not suitable for prismatic T5 versions, use the supplied tool only
Specification To specify state: Modular recessed luminaire, IP65/IP54 full box welded construction body with post coat powder paint, prismatic lens, TPa clear polycarbonate panel / TPa opal in extruded aluminium frame with RAL9016 finish, securely fixed and with gaskets to achieve IP65/IP54 from below ceiling/ IP65 surface mounted. LED emergency option with unique lens optic delivering up to 10m x 10m distribution, as Eaton’s Moduseal range, part no.________