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Power Xpert UX

Eaton’s Power Xpert UX IEC medium-voltage switchgear system can be used for a wide range of power distribution and motor control applications at rated voltages up to 24 kV. The system is available in single and double busbar (duplex) configurations. The Power Xpert UX withdrawable primary switchgear has been designed with safety in mind and offers a reliable and flexible solution with a compact footprint. The compact design of Power Xpert UX relies on two flagship technologies from Eaton's portfolio, namely cast-resin insulation and vacuum interrupters. 

Rated voltage
up to 24 kV
Rated current
up to 4,000 A
Rated short-circuit level
up to 50 kA-3 s

Core features

Safe in use

  • Fully insulated and isolated design for maximum safety and reliability
  • Internal arc classification AFLR up to 50 kA-1 s
  • 3rd-party type-tested according to IEC standards
  • Logical mechanical and electrical interlocks prevent incorrect operation
  • Operation behind closed doors


Maximum uptime with minimal maintenance

  • Withdrawable switchgear up to 24 kV
  • Highest loss of service continuity category LSC2B and partition class PM
  • Simplified system maintenance and operation due to SF6-free design
  • Low-maintenance vacuum circuit breakers and contactors


Flexible design

  • Broad range of panel types, features and options to ensure a compact footprint for your most demanding applications 
  • Vacuum contactors up to 12 kV for frequently operated loads


Environmentally friendly

  • Air and cast-resin insulation combined with Eaton's world leading vacuum switching technology

Safe and reliable primary withdrawable switchgear up to 24 kV

The design of the Power Xpert UX switchgear is based on the single-pole insulation and isolation of current paths. These arc-free zones greatly reduce the potential risk of internal faults. In case of an internal fault, the optional integrated arc absorber technology will exhaust an internal arc inside a switchroom without harming the staff or damaging the equipment. During operation, the racking is located behind closed doors to ensure full internal arc containment, with the option to operate the switchgear remotely without entering the switchroom.

Take a look inside our air-insulated switchgear

Eaton’s W-VACi-type vacuum circuit breaker and our proven W-SLC-type vacuum contactor unit are the heart of our Power Xpert UX withdrawable switchgear system. See how our leading technologies work together to ensure the best results – making what matters work.

SF6-free switchgear

Power Xpert UX uses vacuum technology instead of SF6. This eliminates the risk of leakage and minimises maintenance costs as well as expensive end-of-life disposal procedures – all materials being re-usable or recycled. Eaton campaigns for SF6-free switchgear to protect our environment.
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