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Intelligent control systems for hydraulic power units

Improving the productivity and energy-efficiency of hydraulic applications.

Flow rate controls in hydraulic applications and pumps  combine electrical and fluid control components such as drives, pumps and valves. To reduce the energy consumption of your application and improve overall productivity, these devices need to be integrated into a single system: an intelligent hydraulic power unit. Our experts can help you combine the electric and hydraulic products from Eaton’s comprehensive portfolio to design a bespoke solution for your application. 

Saving energy with variable speed drives

Many hydraulic power units still work with constant motor and pump speeds. However, variable-speed pump drives allow application designers to realise energy savings of up to 70 % at only slightly higher investment costs. Once in use, the investment will pay for itself in less than a year in the form of reduced energy consumption. In addition, hydraulic power units with variable speed drives generate less heat, reduce wear and consume less oil, which further increases the availability and reliability of your machines and systems. Our white paper on “Planning and operating hydraulic power units to provide greater energy efficiency” contains background information, best practices and practical examples for the implementation of fluid control applications with variable speed drives.


​Saving energy with the right drive

Our electro-hydraulic precision machine demonstrates that using hydraulic power units with variable speed drives can save up to 70 % of energy compared to industrial hydraulic applications with constant speed. In addition, the machine also offers the added benefits of highly precise controls, very quiet operation, and IoT- and Industry 4.0-readiness.

Increase productivity by evaluating the data of your system

A prerequisite for improving the productivity of pumps and hydraulic applications is the collection and evaluation of the relevant system data. Once you know the exact performance values of your application and how they change over time, you can identify vulnerabilities and component wear. These data put you in a position to start developing rules and guidelines for performing predictive maintenance, which will prevent or at least notably reduce unplanned production downtime. Eaton's integrated systems start with the easy capture of all the relevant application data, from the valves all the way to the frequency-controlled drives. The data are automatically structured and forwarded for storage.

For data storage, Eaton offers the Predictive Maintenance Portal, which relies on the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure and features a number of pre-integrated intuitive tools for the evaluation of your data. Fast and secure visualisation can be implemented via mobile devices, and you can also give your partners and service provides access to different sub-sets of data, as required. This makes it easy for you to run your business with machines that are both more reliable and more profitable thanks to secure digital information.

Customer case study: London underground

ATP Hydraulik from Switzerland designs and manufactures hydraulic and mechatronic systems, including electronic controls and automation components. As part of the London Crossrail project, the company was awarded a contract to design and supply the cylinders, hydraulic power units, piping, electrical and hydraulic components and the software for two bespoke drilling rigs. In addition to all piping and cabling, ATP supplied the lubrication circuits, as well as the fire detection and extinguishing systems. The company decided to collaborate with Eaton on the mechatronic system, which integrates both electrical and hydraulic components. By using only one manufacturer, ATP was able to offer the shortest possible development time. Cost savings were achieved by reducing the wiring time and the time required for I/O testing and commissioning.

This mechatronic approach, which includes Eaton's hydraulic and electrical components, resulted in an amazing technical achievement in record time—the drilling machine, which can be thought of as a kind of robot, is the first of its kind. By integrating Eaton's intelligent wiring and communication technology, we saved up to 80 hours of work during the construction of the control panels for the two drilling rigs.

Michael Fabianek, CTO, ATP Hydraulik AG

Eaton’s harmonised electrical and hydraulics product portfolio

Design energy-saving intelligent power units that also reduce noise and machine wear. Simply pick the right devices from our harmonised portfolio, add the required communication components and implement your project faster than ever before.

Electrical and hydraulics product range

Industrial hydraulic systems usually require not only the integration of electrical and hydraulic products, but also rely on data capture and secure connectivity to external storage platforms such as cloud or edge systems. Solving these tasks with an integrated system from a single source facilitates and accelerates implementation and mitigates the risk of interface problems.

Our solution map highlights the connectivity options, from the hydraulic devices and sensors through the variable frequency drives all the way to data storage and visualisation in the cloud.

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