Sustainable UPS solutions

Eaton’s UPS solutions are designed to drive sustainable growth around the globe – green by design.

Sustainable UPS solutions - Green By Design

Eaton is constantly working with customers to develop solutions that drive sustainable growth around the globe. Our UPS solutions strive for unparalleled energy-efficiency, efficient use of resource, maximized use of recyclable materials and the reduction of emissions throughout the entire life of the product, from cradle to grave. Eaton develops solutions that are designed to drive sustainable growth around the globe. Our engineers are constantly developing smarter ways to deliver ecological and economic benefits. This includes the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. To see how our technology can help you, why not use the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator and learn how Eaton’s UPSs perform with your load profile.

Promoting Circular Economy

Eaton demonstrates its commitment to protecting the environment through its involvement in IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standardization committees, regulation research studies and industry voluntary initiatives such as EU Product Environmental Footprint.

Taking account of the environment is a part of the design process at Eaton. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) process is used to gather information about the potential environmental impact of a product regarding ISO 14040/14044 standards. For selected products, we have developed Product Environmental Profiles in accordance with ISO 14020 standards.

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Materials and Recycling

Eaton is complying with hazardous substances regulations (RoHS and REACH) and aim at reducing pollution and health impacts of its products. We take into account the environmental effects of the packaging and the end-of-life processing of products (WEEE, Batteries, Packaging). End-of-life instructions are available for recyclers.