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    Lithium-ion batteries last longer and recharge faster, saving time and money and reducing risk throughout the lifecycle of the uninterruptible power systems (UPS). While valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries have long been the industry choice for UPSs, new lithium-ion batteries offer these additional benefits while still meeting required backup runtime and are a safe and stable alternative battery option for UPS applications. Transform your power infrastructure with lithium-ion batteries.
Longer battery life
Save space and time
Reduced footprint
Faster recharge

Coming soon, Eaton's 9PX UPS will be available with lithium-ion batteries!

Eaton's 9PX double-conversion lithium-ion UPS will offer a set-it-and forget-it deployment, available in rackmount and tower form.

What's the deal with lithium-ion battery UPS?

Ed Spears answers questions about lithium-ion battery technology for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) by diving into what's new with lithium-ion batteries, safety concerns and some unique power back-up benefits

Explore the benefits of lithium-ion batteries for rack-mount UPSs

Eaton's 5P rack-mount UPS with lithium-ion batteries is a perfect option for edge computing environments. This video explores some of the benefits of deploying this UPS, including a longer warranty and advanced cybersecurity. 

Eaton's EnergyAware UPS technology

In partnership with Microsoft, Eaton used lithium-ion batteries and a 9395 UPS retrofitted with additional software and controls to turn an underused data centre asset into a profit centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lithium-ion batteries for UPSs are the newest advancement in UPS battery technology, which traditionally has depended on value-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. Understanding the science and benefits of lithium-ion batteries is an important step before determining if deploying lithium-ion batteries is the right choice for your back-up power system. 

Eaton's battery experts have put together three sets of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to address the most common questions people have about lithium-ion battery technology. 

General lithium-ion FAQs

FAQs about 0-20 kVA UPSs with lithium-ion batteries

FAQs about lithium-ion batteries for 20-400 kVA UPSs

Questions about the safety of lithium-ion batteries?

Find out more about the lithium-ion batteries used in Eaton's 5P UPS and how they comply with the latest lithium-ion safety standards.