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LCQ Metal Loadcentres

The LCQ loadcentre range is most suitable for small & compact industrial installations & is available in capacities ranging from 4 pole to 18 pole in a single row. The LCQ range is constructed from robust steel & is dimensioned so that ample space for wiring is available. The standard LCQ is supplied with 100A active link & earth bar & a neutral link that can accommodate 35mm2 incoming cable. For 3 phase requirements, 12 pole & 18 pole 100A busbars are available for line side termination.   

Core features

  • Available in 4 to 18 poles
  • Complete with active busbar, earth bar & neutral link
  • Metal construction & Ripple Grey finish as standard
  • Coin face key lock optional (refer LCQCLK)
  • Designed to meet IP40 requirements as standard