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Quicklag Miniature Circuit Breakers

Quicklag Miniature Circuit Breakers are used in a variety of circuit protection applications that range from protection for submain circuits & light & power circuits through to various motor starting applications. The Quicklag Non-Automatic 80A and 100A model which has no overcurrent protection, is available in single to four pole width configurations and can be used for circuit disconnection.

Core features

  • Breaking capacity 6kA at 415VAC/2,3,4 pole & 6kA at 240VAC/1 pole
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Non-Auto breakers available
  • Centre trip indication
  • Approvals & tests: Complies with AS3111 & AS2184, Lloyd’s approved


  • Protection for sub-main circuits
  • Light and power
  • Motor starting applications



Depending upon preferred method of termination, the following options are available:

  • T50Q tunnel terminals to suit 25mm2 (50A) cable
  • T100Q tunnel terminals to suit 50mm2 (100A) cable
  • QLUGKIT inboard terminal lug assembly to suit 35mm2 (100A)(These are standard on 63A, 80A and 100A breakers)
  • QLUG16 crimp lug kit 16mm2 (kit of 10)
  • QLUG35 crimp lug kit 35mm2 (kit of 10)

Shunt Trip

Shunt trips are factory fitted and come in the following voltage ranges:

51-89V ac, 30-59V dc, 90-440V ac, 60-250V dc, 20-48V ac, 12-25V dc.

Alarm Switch

The alarm switch consists of a single change-over contact rated at 5A that activates only on a trip condition.

Locking Devices

Three types of locking devices are available for Quicklag Circuit Breakers. The LKDQ handle lockdog for single pole breakers is not padlockable while the handle lock for either single PLKQ1 or multipole PLKQ2 breakers both come complete with a padlock.

Clip Tray

The C36Q Standard Chassis is available in a 36 pole length which can be cut to suit customer requirements. A sliding clip assembly is also available for use when breakers must be mounted either side of a horizontal busbar. This ensures the toggle direction is always up for ON and down for OFF. The assembly comes complete with clip and screw for 3, 6, 12 and 24 pole sizes