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TV Supercapacitor

Eaton's TV family of supercapacitors operate at higher voltage to reduce the number of cells and size needed in high voltage designs or keep the same number of cells to do more with higher energy storage. They provide energy storage for high-power charge/discharge cycling, peak power shaving and back-up power applications. They also provide power to safely shut down systems and avoid data loss when main power is disconnected.

TV cells are RoHS compliant, UL recognised, and contain no heavy metals. They can operate  temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C.

Technical data sheets

TV Supercapacitor data sheet

Highest power and efficiency with ultra-low resistance
Outstanding low temperature performance
Superior lifetime

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TV supercapacitor product aid

Eaton extends industry leading supercapacitor offering with 3 V cylindrical cells

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