Bussmann series Class H(K) fuse blocks and holders
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Bussmann series Class H(K) fuse blocks and holders

Eaton’s Bussmann® series power distribution fuse blocks (PDFB) combine a fuse block and power distribution block into one component. This patented design simplifies your panel layout and uses up to 57% less panel space. Additionally, it lowers inventory costs while reducing installation time and labor by 33%. Bussmann series PDFBs are available for Class H(K) ferrule fuses. PDFBs up to 60 amps feature DIN-Rail and panel mount versatility for ease of installation. Additionally, PDFBs use fewer wire connections, reducing watts loss and overall operating temperature of the panel.

Bussmann series Class H(K) fuse blocks and holders

Core features

  • Available in 1-, 2-, and 3-pole configurations to meet stocking requirements
  • To reduce inventory, assembly time and labor, modular single-pole blocks snap-together for tool-less assembly of multiple poles at point of use
  • DIN-Rail and panel mount versatility allows one product to be used for multiple applications with lower inventory cost
  • Save panel space with the smallest width dimension on the market.
  • Optional see-through, IP20 finger-safe covers enhance safety with lock-out/tag-out capability.
  • Easy circuit identification with available universal marker labels for blocks and covers.
  • Integral dovetails allow snapping together multiple poles at point-of-use for greater application flexibility
  • Design meets UL creep and clearance requirements for Industrial Control Circuits (UL 508 and UL 845)

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