Fuses and fuse holders
บัสแมนซีรีย์ ฟิวส์คลาส RK1
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บัสแมนซีรีย์ ฟิวส์คลาส RK1

Bussmann's UL Class RK1 fuse offering includes the industry's most recognized Low-Peak dual-element, current-limiting, time-delay fuses (LPN-RK and LPS-RK) which are also available with optional indication on select ratings (see product data sheet). Complementing the Low-Peak product offering is Bussmann's Limitron family of fast-acting fuses (KTN-R, KTS-R, KWN-R and KWS-R) fuses.

Core features

  • Current limitation for non-inductive circuits provides Class RK1 current-limiting response to maximum ground fault and short-circuit conditions.
  • Economical solutions for high-fault circuits.
  • Provides 10X better current limitation to help prevent equipment damage caused by short-circuit events.
  • 200kA Interrupting rating complies with NEC® Section 110.9 for today's large capacity systems.
  • Fast-acting fuse helps prevent equipment damage caused by short-circuit events. Incorporates Class R rejection feature.
  • Can be inserted in non-rejection type fuse holders to physically and electrically replace fast-acting Class H, K1, K5, RK5, and other fast-acting fuses.
  • Ideal for critical industrial or commercial applications that have specific current limitation requirements.

Benefits of Class RK1 fuses

Current-limiting, time-delay and fast-acting fuses that deliver 2:1 selectivity ratio, and simultaneously enable inventory consolidation of RK1, RK5, H and K5 UL Class fuses.

Low-Peak Upgrade Program


An introduction to understanding fuses and how they are applied for providing overcurrent protection.