Bussmann series Enclosed disconnect switches
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Bussmann series Enclosed disconnect switches

Bussmann series enclosed rotary disconnects provide an easy to install solution for providing a switch for power. Enclosed compact circuit protectors (CCP) offer some of the smallest options in the market for increasing protection and panel SCCR, available for 30 amp Class CC fuses, and up to 60A for class CF fuses. Other UL 98 options include up to 1200A non-fused and up to 800A Class L fused options. UL 508 load break disconnects for control and disconnecting means for motor applications.

Bussmann series Enclosed disconnect switches

Core features

  • Up to 200kA SCCR
  • Up to 600Vac for UL 98 disconnects and 800Vac for UL 508 disconnect
  • UL 98 disconnects carry horsepower ratings for motor load applications
  • Fused disconnects provide current limitation and selective coordination capabilities

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