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STO with SIL2, PLd, Cat.3 for safety-related applications
Motor control up to the highest efficiency class
Quick installation
Bluetooth and integrated web server

Core features

Space-saving installation in existing systems

Thanks to its compact design, the DM1 also fits into small housings with a depth of only 200 mm. In addition, the small footprint also allows for cost-effective installation inside the control panel.

Take advantage of the wide range of functions

The DM1 (basic version) is suitable for simple applications in which no additional controls are required. The DM1 features at a glance: no keypad, no STO, Modbus-RTU on board, V/f control, Bluetooth, no option cards. The DM1 Pro is equipped with a keypad, a 7-segment display and a setpoint potentiometer, as well as offering more comprehensive functions. The DM1 Pro features at a glance: Keypad with 7-segment display and setpoint potentiometer, STO on board, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP on board, V/f control, vector control, PM motor control, Bluetooth, web server on board, slot for one option card.

Support during commissioning – integrated web server

The DM1 Pro does not require any external software, as the integrated web server provides access to all device settings and diagnostic data. The PowerXL inControl software includes a module for offline commissioning of the DM1 standard and the DM1 Pro. This module offers the same functionality as the web server and can be used, in particular, if the DM1 is to be adjusted without any device. In addition, the drives can also be commissioned using the remote DG1 keyboard, which can be connected to both the DM1 standard and the DM1 Pro and displays all parameters and settings in plain text.

Eaton will support you with all aspects related to energy efficiency

The ErP Directive and advances in machine automation are boosting the demand for variable speed devices, even in simple applications. What does compliance with the ErP Directive mean for you, and how can you make your applications more energy-efficient? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our comprehensive white papers and brochures, as well as in the podcast with energy-efficiency experts from Eaton.

PowerXL DM1 variable frequency drives

Maximum functionality in a compact design