Eaton VCP-WG Generator Vacuum Circuit Breaker
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Eaton VCP-WG Generator Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Eaton has developed its vacuum circuit breaker—the VCP-WG Generator Vacuum Circuit Breaker—for generator circuits that have special requirements. This circuit breaker meets rigorous IEEE standards and is widely used in in coal-fired, hydropower, wind and integrated power plants and all industries using circulating steam or gas turbines.

Eaton VCP-WG Generator Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Core features

  • Environment-friendly vacuum interrupter technology switches safely through extreme out-of-phase voltages and high-stress asymmetrical currents for over 10,000 operations
  • High circuit fault interruptions, with 75 kA interruption rating when DC fault content reaches 75%
  • Natural air convection and enclosure fans reliably handle continuously high current levels
  • Fault currents that are caused by voltage recovery and rise are quickly interrupted

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